Thursday, March 22, 2007

Building for the Future?

- It's not easy being Doc Rivers. All season fans have been calling for more time for Leon Powe, Gerald Green, and even Sebastian Telfair. Careful what you wish for I guess. Shira Springer reports that Rivers consciously decided to leave Al Jefferson and Paul Pierce on the bench while the outcome of the game was determined. Looks like the post game press conference was pretty interesting:

"I was not throwing the game or anything like that because I've heard all those questions [before]. Honestly, I got to the point early in the fourth quarter and I turned to my coaches and I said, 'We're going to win or lose with this group.'" - Doc Rivers

Doc went on to make an interesting Phil Jackson/Lakers analogy:

"At some point, those other guys have to be able to play a little bit. You look at the Phil Jacksons. They're able to [put the game in the hands of the bench] all year because they know they're playing for a title and they can teach lessons to their bench."

This seems to be a total reversal from Doc's usual approach. I'm intrigued. However, Herm Edwards is confused by Doc's tactics.

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