Wednesday, March 21, 2007

C's/Bobcats - 3/21/07

Wrap Up

I'd like to say that Al Jefferson (22 points, 11 rebounds) and Paul Pierce (23 points) were the lone bright spots in a disappointing loss. But that's only partially true. The Truth sat out the 4th with an eye injury and the Bobcats' double teams neutralized Big Al in the final minutes. Meanwhile the 4th quarter conjured up images of that woeful second quarter from Oklahoma. Ultimately Boston fell apart and could not rally while Charlotte played care free and seemed to genuinely enjoy earning a W. This was not a game that Boston should have lost. Ugh.

A Few Random Points

- Tommy Heinsohn described Perk as a “point guard on the inside.” He does have a point as Perkins has thrown some nice passes. That said, no one is having visions of Bill Walton.

- I’m hoping Big Al looked at Jake Voskhul and dusted off the classic Lil Penny line, “You can’t guard me. The secret service can’t guard me.”

- I giggled the first time Tommy Heinsohn referred to Matt Carroll as Carroll. Of course giggling is probably worse than being called Carroll.

- Raymond Felton and Matt Carroll took turns guarding Paul Pierce tonight. Keep in mind that Gerald Wallace was on the floor. In other news Bernie Bickerstaff will not be coaching the Bobcats next year.

- It’s getting to the point where we might need to give Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson coordinated nicknames. Something like Starsky and Hutch, Thunder and Lightning, or Fire and Ice. Although they would have to make sense. And be cool.

- Brian Scalabrine and Ryan Gomes returned tonight. At this point I’m not able to wrap my mind around Veal starting.

- I’m pretty sure Leon Powe is not opposed setting a moving pick.

- Doc went with 11 guys tonight, 10 of them (everyone but Bassy) got 15 minutes or more. Not sure how I feel about this.

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