Tuesday, March 20, 2007

C's/Hornets - 3/19/07

- Well the C's came right back down to earth. It seemed like Boston went out drinking to celebrate the Spurs victory. Paul Pierce played the crafty veteran role as the guy who either drank a little less or just knew how to handle it. I have absolutely nothing to base this upon.

- A hurt Chris Paul is still awesome.

- 30 seconds into the 2nd quarter someone screamed "Holy Shit!" and the mic picked it up. Little did I know that it would be my highlight of the 2nd quarter. If that were a fight they would have stopped it.

- Hey losses happen. This season they happen a lot. It would have been nice to at least keep it close. But on the bright side Donny Marshall divided his time between talking about UConn guys and how long Tyson Chandler is.

- I don't believe in moral victories and I'm not convinced that what happens over these final weeks really effects next season. Still it would be nice for Jefferson and the gang to continue to improve.

- Allan Ray gets Bassy's minutes? Really?

- Gerald, Gerald, Gerald. Going for a garbage time dunk when the Hornets had clearly kicked into run out the clock mode. On the one hand it was nice to see some fight. On the other hand it was misplaced. And the Hornets seemed legitimately annoyed. Oh well.

- Al Jefferson needs the ball.

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